We had quite the year here at Mama Bear. To get a complete wrap-up, check out our 2020 summary blog here. This blog is to celebrate our top 5 posts in 2020. From discipling your kids during the pandemic to pop-culture sensations like Cuties and The Chosen, our top 5 blogs cover it all. We’re especially happy that our prayer post in September made the top 5. It’s still relevant today, so if you didn’t download the printable list, click the link below to get it. If you missed any of our top 5 blogs, here’s your chance to catch up.

#5. “So You Want to Watch The Chosen but Aren’t Sure if It’s Legit” by Robin Lopez

#4. “Resisting the Urge to Grow Cold” by Hillary Morgan Ferrer

#3. “10 Things to Pray Every Day During the Month of September 2020” by Hillary Morgan Ferrer

#2. “5 Lessons that Got Totally Lost During the #CancelNetflix Craze” by Amy Davison

#1. “5 Ways to Disciple Your Kids & Love Your Neighbor Through the Pandemic” by Hillary Morgan Ferrer

In addition to celebrating our top 5 blog posts, we want to celebrate our Patreon donors. (We had so many donors through FLI, too, but your thank you is that tax deduction. Our Patreon donors get other perks. We appreciate you so much, too!)

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