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The Mama Bear team has spoken all over the U.S., from North Carolina to California and many places in between. We speak at places like churches and conferences, and we even have ways to meet online if necessary. We cover topics like doubt, prayer, world religion, sexuality, a deeper dive into the topics covered in our first book, science, and how to have conversations with others about apologetics. If you want us to talk about something and you’re not sure who to request, just ask! We’ll help you figure out which Mama Bear is best-suited for your event.

Our Available Speakers


Speaks about the psychology of doubt, biblical sexuality and how the sex talk has changed, refuting Darwinism, and any chapter authored or coauthored in the MBA books 1 and 2.



Speaks about world religions, the basics of apologetics, worldview, leaving a legacy of faith, discipleship, talking to people of other faiths, and bridge-building.


Speaks about sexuality, post-modernism, biblical reliability, and apologetic engagement for kids.

What Others Are Saying

“Hillary Morgan Ferrer has assembled a remarkable team with Mama Bear Apologetics. Mama Bear gives voice to female apologists, an often-neglected group in the apologetics community. There has been a need for this ministry for a long time! The conversational tone of their podcast and practical applications in the blog are grounded in first-class apologetics, making this an indispensable ministry for moms raising thoughtful children in a secular world. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Sean McDowell, Ph.D.,

Professor of Christian Apologetics, Biola University and co-author of Evidence that Demands a Verdict

“These women are seriously qualified, but they’re also welcoming and accessible. Their tone and confidence invite mothers to be bold, and their content and resources equip mothers to be informed. The Mama Bear Apologetics team’s high esteem and value of women shine through their podcasts and articles in a way that Christian moms deserve to be spoken to. I’m excited to see a wave of critically thinking, well-equipped, thoughtfully emboldened, faithful women, building steadily behind Mama Bear Apologetics’ efforts in a way that will positively impact the next generation of believers for Christ. Our ailing culture would like to claim our kids’ minds, but these bright women are preparing us to demolish those attempts with truth.”

Danielle Camorlinga

Mother of 2, Cofounder Picture Book Apologetics

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