Share Your Prayers!

We want to hear from you. 

Thanks for your interest in contributing your prayers to the upcoming book Honest Prayers for Mama Bears. (But shhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone the name!) It is our desire that this prayer book would encompass the cries of Mama Bears everywhere, no matter how these cries are phrased. Our emotions aren’t always pretty. The groanings of our heart sometimes reveal our own sin — which is part of the reason to pray through them! Some prayers may be uplifting, and others a lament. However you choose to pray, we would like our Mama Bears to feel like there is a prayer in this book for them — whether it’s for their adopted, biological, spiritual, or unborn children and grandchildren. We want to include prayers for those around our children — their fathers, teachers, friends, church leaders, etc. The country we are in. The lies that surround them.

Our plan right now is to have a list of contributors at the beginning of the book. The individual prayers themselves will be anonymous, so that each team member has the freedom to be as honest as they choose with whatever prayer they choose. You are welcome to submit multiple prayers, and we have included several categories below to help you. We’re looking for prayers in the range of 350 – 500 words, but those are more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules.

We cannot guarantee that any prayer will make it into the final edition, and some prayers will be edited for MBA tone, etc. Some prayers may lead to inspiration for further prayers. We are excited to reach out to the people who have been supporters of our ministry to include you in this work. We hope that this project will be a blessing for years to come.


Prayer Submission Form