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MBA Episode 52: Doubting Dawkins – Oh, Nuts! What Do Whale Testicles Have to Do With Evolution?

MBA Episode 51: We Will Not Be Divided: Grieving with Those Who Grieve, and the Necessary Process of Building Kingdom Community

MBA Episode 50: An Interview with Mama Bear Apologetics Founder, Hillary Ferrer

MBA Episode 49: The Unexpected Blessings of COVID

MBA Episode 48: Doubting Dawkins – No, the Human Eye Isn’t an Example of Bad Design (a Discussion on Design Constraints)

MBA Episode 47: The 8 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Slavery in the Bible

MBA Episode 46: Doubting Dawkins – Does the Bible Advocate Slavery? (Part 2)

MBA Episode 45: Doubting Dawkins – Does the Bible Advocate Slavery? (Part 1)

MBA Episode 44: Doubting Dawkins – Do Christians Think Atheists Can’t Be Good Without God? (Part 2)

MBA Episode 43: Doubting Dawkins – Do Christians Think Atheists Can’t Be Good Without God? (Part 1)

MBA Episode 42: The Unfortunate (and Painful) Lessons We Learned From the #WakeUpOlive Hashtag

MBA Episode 41: The Role of Apologetics in Spiritual Warfare (featuring Simon Brace) – Part 3

MBA Episode 40: The Role of Apologetics in Spiritual Warfare (featuring Simon Brace) – Part 2

MBA Episode 39: The Role of Apologetics in Spiritual Warfare (featuring Simon Brace) – Part 1

MBA Episode 38: Doubting Dawkins – Did God Really Advocate for Child Sacrifice in the Old Testament?

MBA Episode 37: Doubting Dawkins – “Proof,” Oral Culture, the Telephone Game, & Ancient Scribes

MBA Episode 36: Doubting Dawkins – A Beginner’s Guide to Better Reasoning: Intro to Richard Dawkins’ New Book

MBA Episode 35: Wounded Sheep vs Wolves (and the Importance of Knowing the Difference)

MBA Episode 34: What in the World is Happening to Our Christian Leaders?

MBA Episode 33: How to Talk About Pride Month With Your Kids

MBA Episode 32: How Should Christians Respond to the #MeToo Movement?

MBA Episode 31: What Really Happened with the Colorado Baker Supreme Court Decision?

MBA Episode 30: What is California Bill 2943 and What does it ACTUALLY say? (i.e. Does it really ban the Bible?)

MBA Episode 29: Does God Heal Every Time if we Ask in the “Right Way?”

MBA Episode 28: Is Jen Hatmaker Suffering for the Gospel? (The power of a deconversion story)

MBA Episode 27: Who Made God?

MBA Episode 26: Why Does God Allow Mass Shootings?

MBA Episode 25: How Educated Do You Have to Be to Identify Nonsense?

MBA Episode 24: “Progressive” Christianity… and WHY you need to understand it

MBA Episode 23: How to Love Your Ideological Enemy

MBA Episode 22: Introducing Cathryn Buse (and a recap of the apologetics conference)

MBA Episode 21: Is the Progressive Gospel a Gospel at All? (i.e. Why you need to know what your children’s pastor is teaching)

MBA Episode 20: I was an Atheist Until I Read Lord of the Rings

MBA Episode 19: The Shack – Hope, Healing… and Heresy?

MBA Episode 18: Why Does the God of the Old Testament Seem So Different from the God of the New Testament?

MBA Episode 17: Discussing the Mama Bear Tagline – Isn’t “Demolishing Arguments” a Bit Harsh?

MBA Episode 16: Addressing the Divide From the Women’s March

MBA Episode 15: Are the New Testament Eyewitnesses Reliable: The Flashbulb Memory Objection

* Please excuse the audio quality on the above podcast. We had a glitch with the microphone.  

MBA Episode 14: Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions Can Beat-up Your Resolutions

MBA Episode 13: Resolutions and Legalism – an Intro to Jonathan Edwards

MBA Episode 12: An Honest Discussion About Mom Guilt

MBA Episode 11: Are the New Testament Documents Reliable: an Introduction to Bart Ehrman

MBA Episode 10: 3 Essential Truths to Include When Discussing the Election With Kids (or Even When You’re Processing on Your Own)

MBA Episode 9: What to Do When Your Child Walks Away From God – Jody’s Story Part 2

MBA Episode 8: The Danger of Raising Kids in a Christian Bubble – Jody’s Story Part 1

MBA Episode 7: How to Deal with Hardened (and sometimes angry) Doubters


MBA Episode 6: The 5 Types of People You Will Meet in Apologetics


MBA Episode 5: Core Truths vs Peripheral Truths of Christianity… and the Importance of Knowing the Difference


MBA Episode 4: Discussion of Melissa Cain Travis’ “Motherhood and the Life of the Mind”


MBA Episode 3: Motherhood and the Life of the Mind


MBA Episode 2: Intro to Mama Bear Part B


MBA Episode 1: Intro to Mama Bear Part A

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