Main Points Covered

  • Defining deconstruction
    • Definitions vary depending on the person: Some mean it as a way to define them questioning different doctrinal stances they grew up with all the way to walking away from the faith
  • Deconstruction is the walking away from historic Christianity
    • A turning away/rejection of the core beliefs of evangelical faith
    • Deconstruction becomes a vehicle to take the former believer to another faith
    • Objective truth can’t be known through religion and morality
    • Theology is filtered through the person’s feelings
  • Deconstructionist approach to scripture: Keep what you want to keep, rewrite what you want to rewrite, throw out what you don’t want.
  • When you help young people recognize the worldview within social movements they shift from reacting emotionally to thinking critically about what is being said and evaluating it for truth.
  • Instead of deconstruction, use reformation, as this is the act of making sure one’s beliefs about faith match the faith of Christianity.

Resources Mentioned

The Deconstructionists Playbook, edited by Crystal Cheatham and Theresa Ta

Another Gospel by Alisa Childers

Unshaken Faith Podcast with Alisa Childers and Natasha Crain

Alisa Childers Podcast with Alisa Childers

Unshaken Conference

Quotable Quotes

“Deconstruction is a vehicle away from historic Christianity.” – Alisa Childers

“The social media contagion [around deconstruction] is very much built around propaganda.” – Alisa Childers

“Deconstruction isn’t questioning your faith or wrestling with things you may have been taught as a kid. It is the walking away from historic Christianity.” – Alisa Childers

“Be empathetic to feelings while asking clarifying questions.” – Amy Davison

“The younger the crowd, the more they think deconstruction is part of their faith journey.” – Alisa Childers

“When you equip children to think well, they are less likely to succumb to the world because they know how to tactically engage it.” – Amy Davison

“You can deconstruct your faith, but you can’t deconstruct the faith. The faith is what defines reality.” – Alisa Childers

“If you are searching for truth and want to line up what you believe with reality, that’s reformation.” – Alisa Childers


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