Main Points Covered

  • The origins of Summit
    • To create a ministry to equip teens and adults to know why they believe what they believe
  • Summit’s Approach is Worldview Focused
    • Helps teens understand the world around them and the counterfeit worldviews around them
    • Teens understand other worldviews and how to respond
    • Summit changes the trajectory of each student in attendance
  • Summit nurtures a safe doubting atmosphere
    • Validates the person’s feelings and background that spawn this question
    • Community is fostered during and after Summit
    • Teens are equipped with resources and mentors
  • Gap year program for graduating seniors
    • 1 year program
    • Deep dive into writing and thinking
    • Properly read and apply scripture

Resources Mentioned

Summit Ministries

Quotable Quotes

“At Summit we aren’t afraid of questions.” – David Noebel, quoted by Jeff Myers

“Teens aren’t just given answers to their questions, they’re being invited into a bigger worldview.” – Jeff Myers

“The Christian faith is a worldview. It’s a way of seeing everything in the faith and a way of seeing everything else.” – Jeff Myers

“The DNA of influence is truth and relationship. The goal is to find those connecting points between truth and relationship, and it’s only within the biblical worldview that this happens.” – Jeff Myers

“There comes a point between the ages of 16-22 age range where they [teens] are wanting to know who says so [answers about the Christian faith] besides my parents.” – Jeff Myers

“God made you to think well.” – Amy Davison

“Coming to Summit and realizing that you can be part of a community of leaders who are mature in response to the immaturity of other teens and adults…this gives young men a significant sense of purpose.” – Jeff Myers


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