The idea for this episode came from one of our listeners who encountered the 13 Black Lives Matters principles in her child’s classroom. Wanting to know more, she reached out to Mama Bear. Amy knew exactly who to talk with – Monique Duson, co-founder of The Center for Biblical Unity. In this episode, Amy and Monique discuss the BLM principles and offer parents advice on how to discuss them with their kids.

Main Points Covered:

● A little about The Center for Biblical Unity (CFBU)

● Why is there a push to bring BLM into elementary classrooms?

● Kid-Friendly version of the 13 Principles of Black Lives Matter

1. Restorative justice
2. Empathy
3. Loving engagement
4. Diversity
5. Globalism
6. Transgender affirming
7. Queer affirming
8. Collective value
9. Inter-generational
10. Black families
11. Black villages
12. Black women
13. Unapologetically black

• Practical Tips for Parents

Resources Mentioned:

Black Lives Matters 13 Principles

Critical Race Theory: An Introduction by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic

1776 Unites

Reconciled curriculum from CFBU

Black Slave Owners by Larry Koger

Black Indian Slave Narrative by Patrick Mingers

Unfamiliar Vocab:

• Critical Race Theory
• Inclusivity
• Globalism

Scripture References:

Job 12:11

1 Corinthians 14:33

Ephesians 4:15

Proverbs 19:23

Ephesians 6:11

Romans 8:14

Quotable Quotes:

“Every social theory is looking to transform relationships based on power and dynamics.” – Monique Duson, CFBU Click To Tweet

“If we has Christians are not doing our due diligence and investigating and making decisions based on discernment and evidence, we will support something that is sinful.” – Monique Duson

“Just because something sounds good, we have to be willing to investigate because Satan is most clever in half-truths.” – Amy Davison

“Your feelings are not God.” – Monique Duson Click To Tweet

“It’s important that kids have community so that they can have these kinds of conversations.” – Monique Duson

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