MBA Episode 69: Mentorship and How It Can Impact Your Kids (a conversation with Gale Carter)


We’re thrilled to be working on more podcasts for 2022. In this episode, Amy talks with Gale Carter, founder of DOLLS (Daughters of Our Living Lord & Savior), which equips teen girls to stand firmly planted in their Christian faith. This podcast is also relevant for boy moms, so stick around even if you don’t have daughters!

Amy is also visited by a very persistent fly, so if you watch this on YouTube (and you should!), hilarity ensues.


Evangelism in Public Schools

Helping Teens Share Their Faith

Practical Things Parents Can Do

How to get more information about DOLLS


“As early in life as possible, if we can reach kids with the gospel, let’s do it.” – Gale Carter

“Teenagers want to be accepted. … Mentors can step into that role and help them with the questions they have.” – Gale Carter


To learn more about DOLLS, visit their website here:

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