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Today’s guest, Monica Cline, used to work for Planned Parenthood as a comprehensive sex educator. She is the founder of the organization, It Takes a Family, which educates parents so that they are the leading voice for their children. In today’s episode, she’s talking about what her involvement in Planned Parent looked like and what she taught. She also reflects on things she learned and how she uses her experiences to help parents today.


Falling for Lies

What Monica does today with It Takes a Family was inspired by the training she received from Planned Parenthood (PP).

It Started with Compassion

Monica started her career in public health working for an organization in Austin that served marginalized populations at high risk of HIV/AIDS.

Sex Positivity (see chapter 8 of MBA Guide to Biblical Sexuality)

Monica was trained by PP. The director of sex education, her mentor, told her about extreme cases coming into the clinic. As young as 10 years old.

Teaching Children About Sex, the PP Way

Break down their inhibitions with an ice breaker so they’ll be more open to talking about sex.

The training would also include role-playing certain scenarios with children. This was to encourage their “condom negotiation skills.”

How this Impacts the Abortion Industry

If we look at PP’s budget, the first line item of most money spent is surgical procedures (abortion), and the second line item is sex education.

Monica’s A-Ha Moments

The first a-ha moment was when PP sent her to teach 13-14-year-old girls and boys at an alternative school in Austin.

Monica as a Mama Bear

She had a baby, but now she is the sex education director at her organization.

The church should be speaking into these communities. Her compassion today is based on God’s truth rather than a lie.

As Christians, we need to be there for the orphan and the widow. What are we doing to help parents? We need to be there for them.

We need to give grace to our children, too.


“Whether it is just mom or dad at home with the children, you are still that leading voice in your child’s life. Our children look to their parents for that guidance.” -Monica #sexeducation #discipleship

“Your children need to be able to come to you and know that you have an answer for them.” -Monica

“Sex positivity says that no [sexual] decision is unhealthy unless it doesn’t bring pleasure or it’s not consensual.” -Hillary

“Children are naturally inhibited, and that’s a good thing.” -Monica

“Sex education is a marketing tool used by Planned Parenthood that feeds into abortion.” -Monica


  • Sex positivity: the idea that you can’t judge anyone else’s sexual decisions, no matter what they are because to do so would be sex-negative. Children have a right to pleasure as long as it’s consensual. Read more in Chapter 8 of the Mama Bear Guide to Biblical Sexuality.


It Takes a Family (Monica’s organization)

Alfred Kinsey (considered a hero by Planned Parenthood)

Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Biblical Sexuality (book)

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