Did you know that before Amy was a Mama Bear, that she was almost a witch?!?! Yeah, I didn’t either, until we had a conversation last July at Hillary’s house. Thank You God for pursuing her and wooing her back! I can’t imagine where Mama Bear would be without her.  We’re changing things up for this episode. I am Mama Bear Apologetics’ Executive Director, Lindsey Medenwaldt, and I’ll be interviewing Mama Bear’s podcast co-host, Amy Davison, about her experiences with Wicca. It is such a good reminder that God can (and will!) use all things, even a shady past, to bring Himself glory and to equip the church.

If you missed our crash course on Wicca on the blog earlier this week, check it out here. Normally I write a Q and A follow up blog, but this podcast will serve as our Q and A instead.

In this episode, Amy openly shares about her experiences with Wicca and the time that she nearly became a witch (missed it by just one day!). We hope you’ll watch and listen with open minds and hearts. We also open a few cans of worms in this episode, so practice your ROAR method while you listen. 🙂 If you listen to the end, I think the worms are properly sorted.

This short series on Wicca will not address all of the topics as thoroughly as you might want us to, and we do encourage you to do more research if you’re interested in learning more.


Talking Points:

(Time stamps correspond with video podcast)

(1:52) Amy shares how she got involved with Wicca

(9:50) Amy talks about what got her interested in Wicca as a teenager

If you have an impressionable kid, witchcraft could be enticing because it’s so welcoming. Click To Tweet

(14:00) How Christianity gets mixed up with Wicca

(21:00) Points to Remember about Wicca

(22:40) What aspects of Wicca pushed Amy away?

(28:00) Do all witches look alike?

(32:00) What parts of our culture should parents be cautious about?

(39:00) Are we seeing Wicca seep into churches?

(41:30) How should parents talk to their kids about Wicca?

(47:00) Closing thoughts and Recommendations

When it comes to media portrayals of witches and magic, exercise caution and be consistent. Click To Tweet


Resources Mentioned:

Tactics, by Gregory Koukl

A History of Magic, Witchcraft, & the Occult, edited by Kathrun Hennessy


Quotable Quotes:

“We can have different worldviews, but that doesn’t give us the right to be disrespectful.” – Lindsey Medenwaldt

“If you have an impressionable kid, witchcraft could be enticing because it’s welcoming.” – Amy Davison

“Most of the time when people walk away from Christianity, it’s not because of one thing. It’s a combination of things.” – Amy Davison

“Just because it’s not a Christian source doesn’t mean it can’t speak truth.” – Amy Davison

“When it comes to witches and magic, exercise caution and be consistent.” – Lindsey Medenwaldt


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