If you read the Mama Bear Apologetics book, you are likely familiar with the term “linguistic theft.” Hillary wishes she’d been able to include much more on that topic in the book, so in today’s podcast, Hillary and Amy are going to address the subject, because this is something that is taking our kids (and us) captive. In addition to teaching our kids Scripture, we need to be sure that we’ve all got our definitions biblically correct.

Let’s talk about linguistic theft:

    • Chapter 4 of Mama Bear Apologetics

Has linguistic theft been increasing as a problem?

    • Wolves in sheep’s clothing

What’s the difference between linguistic theft and the evolution of language?

What do we mean by “intersectionality”?

Three steps with Linguistic Theft:

  1. Identify a core value that people universally agree or disagree with.
  2. Frame the arguments for your agenda in terms of promoting the things that people agree with.
  3. Claim that anyone who is against your agenda is for the words that people universally agree upon are bad, and against the universally agreed upon words.

Disagreement is no longer disagreement. Disagreement defines a person as evil.

People and Resources Mentioned:

Unfamiliar Vocabulary:

Linguistic Theft: Linguistic theft occurs when people take a concept, virtue, or idea that most people already agree with, and then change the definition to promote their own agenda. Without understanding that this change has taken place, many people swallow an agenda to which they might normally object.

Intersectionality: finding your identity in different oppressed groups

Scripture References:

2 Corinthians 11:3-6

2 Corinthians 11:12-15

Romans 12:1-2

Matthew 7:15

Quotable Quotes:

“Trust but verify.”

“It’s those subtle shifts you don’t quite notice that can really trip people up.”

A wolf and a sheep can look identical. We need to look at their message. Click To Tweet Disagreement is no longer disagreement. Disagreement defines a person as evil. Click To Tweet


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