You can’t get around it. There are rainbows on everything your kids see this month, from the parking lots to the barista aprons. So how do we address this with our kids? But first things first, we have a new podcast co-host! Meet Amy Davison! I know you’ll love her as much as we do.  You can't get around it. There are rainbows on everything your kids see this month, from the parking lots to the barista aprons. So how do we address this with our kids? #apologetics Click To Tweet


Meet Amy Davison, one of our new podcast co-hosts as she shares her story of how she became a Mama Bear Apologetics apologist.

“Two Questions Every Christian Should Ask Before Tackling LGBTQ+ Issues” by Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Main points covered:

Practical tips for addressing gay pride month with your kids:

  1. Find out what they already know
    • Ask about the rainbow, what is it/what does it mean, what does culture say it means
  2. Educate about what the movement is
    • Why June is Gay Pride month, some of the history and frustrations that led to its coming about.
  3. Raising kids in a counter-cultural world
    • We need to be living as if we are in Babylon.
    • Learn what culture was teaching them, but do not compromise your faith (e.g., Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)
    • You don’t have to give up everything, but expect to be different.
    • Exposure to germs helps the immune system attack foreign invaders. It is the same with faith; if we keep our kids away from any “spiritual bacteria,” then they won’t be prepared for the onslaught of attacks in middle school, high school, and college.
    • Attacks are going to be attractive and convincing. Train them early. Buy the Mama Bear Book to help you!
  4. Difference between desire and action
    • Offer perspective to better understand the issues and struggles of LGBTQ folks.
  5. Dealing with people vs. how we deal with Biblical commands


People and resources mentioned:


Unfamiliar vocab:

  • Ethos – a Latin word meaning the appeal to what is morally right. Root word of “ethical.”
  • Gravitas – a Latin word meaning weighted with seriousness and significance. Root word of “grave,” as in “a grave, serious matter.”
  • Deist – Someone who believes God created the universe but does not interact with His creation or creatures.


Quotable quotes: 


“Why does this topic matter so deeply? Because our sexuality is a big deal.”

— Hillary Morgan Ferrer

“There are certain topics that are more emotionally charged and require finesse and nuance. There are certain areas in human existence where the demons of condemnation love to hover and attack. Identity is one of those areas.”

— Hillary Morgan Ferrer

“This is for many like an open, festering wound. We cannot go casually poking around and expect them to thank us.”

— Hillary Morgan Ferrer

“It is easy to forget that the words we say, cloaked in scholarly language, can cut someone to their very core, to their very soul. We can’t afford to do this kind of worldview surgery lightly.”

— Hillary Morgan Ferrer

“I want to talk about these issues like we talk about what they did at school or what they had for lunch.”

— Amy Davison
[on keeping the doors open for conversation with your kids]

We want to talk about these issues like we talk about what they did at school or what they had for lunch. #apologetics #mamabearapologetics #ROARlikeAMother Click To Tweet

“Being counter-cultural doesn’t mean you have to give up everything, but it does mean that you have to expect to be different.”

— Hillary Morgan Ferrer

“So often innocence starts slipping into ignorance.”

— Amy Davison

“The world would love for your kids to remain ignorant, because if they are ignorant then they have no defenses and are easy targets.”

— Amy Davison

“It’s so much easier to train Lucy, than to rescue Edmond.”

— Amy Davison
[on why it’s important to train your kids on the attacks they’ll encounter in the world]

“Sex is the effective religion of our culture. Sex is like a religion, not only because it is objectively holy in itself, but also because it gives us a subjective foretaste of Heaven – of the self-forgetting, self-transcending, self-giving that is what our deepest hearts are designed for, long for, and will not be satisfied until they have.”

Peter Kreeft

“Sexuality is designed by God as a way to know God in Christ more fully. Knowing God in Christ more fully is designed as a way of guarding and guiding our sexuality. All misuses of our sexuality distort the true knowledge of Christ, and all misuses of our sexuality derive from not having the true knowledge of Christ.”

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, p. 16

“Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind as in opening the mouth is to shut it again on something solid. Otherwise it could end up like a city sewer rejecting nothing.”

— G.K. Chesterton

“You got to look at the way that the Lord has treated you, it’s so much more graciously than the way that we sometimes treat people who are not as far along in their walk with Christ.”

— Hillary Morgan Ferrer

“We need to have an open mind with scripture in as far as we are trying to uncover what the truth is that is actually there. Once we do uncover the truth that is actually there, it’s ok to close our mind around something that is true.”

— Hillary Morgan Ferrer


Title image credits: SÃO PAULO, SP, 04.05.2014 – PARADA GAY: A 18a Parada Gay começa na tarde deste domingo na Avenida Paulista e percorre até a Praça Roosevelt em São Paulo. (Foto: Ben Tavener / Brazil Photo Press).


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