This is possibly one of the most awkward podcasts we have had to do. This election season was brutal. Never have I seen the results of an election affect kids in such a profound way, and never have I seen so many young adults behaving like children. When I was a kid, I knew the elections were going on, but it was never something that I felt immediately impacted me. I was a child. I was worried about getting caught passing notes in class.

However, with as polarized as this election was, children have been thrust into the swirling eddy of adult situations, and have seen grown men and and women predicting doomsday scenarios from the television for several months, and are now under the assumption that those adults meant everything they said. Whether we agree with the hysteria or not, we must accept that our rhetoric has impacted kids in a way that we can’t possibly understand, and it’s time to do some clean-up.

As Christians, we are to set ourselves apart from the world. We are not to join in the fray in the same way as those who don’t profess Christ as their model. In this podcast, Rebekah and I take a hard look at ourselves, at our country, at the behaviors we see on both sides of the aisle. We will probably say some things you agree with. We will probably say some things that are challenging. Most of what we preach, we must first preach to ourselves. I sincerely hope that whatever your beliefs, this podcast is a helpful guide to processing the election and understanding what might be going on in the minds of our little ones in America.

Topics We Discuss:

  • Truth 1: The need to LISTEN to those who are struggling with fear and realize that many kids have absorbed the doomsday scenarios they have been hearing about for the last year of election season.
  • Truth 2: No matter how much we want to join in the mockery that is so prevalent on social media, we NEED to refrain. No matter how frustrated we feel, we do not need catharsis. Our catharsis is in the cross of Christ alone.
  • Truth 3: Embrace both reason/logic and human emotions. Do not get caught up in the tornado of emotion and logic/reason as if they are incompatible. When two incompatible air systems meet in the world, they don’t mingle. They circle around one another until they swirl into a tornado, destroying everything in their path. Just don’t.
  • (Semi point 4): We cannot help give people resources to cope if we are laughing at them.

I will have more extensive podcast notes coming. In the meantime, here’s the Tommy Nelson video I referenced during the podcast.

Resources Mentioned

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