In the spirit of this Thanksgiving holiday, Mama Bear Apologetics is pleased to add one more thing to thank the LORD for!! As of today, we have now gotten both the Mama Bear Apologetics Podcast and the Audio Apologetics Blog up on iTunes! Shout it from the twittersphere! Share this post a gazillion times plus one. [And pardon me while I do my happy dance. This has taken longer than expected.]

Just a short description of each:

Mama Bear Apologetics Podcast

The Mama Bear Apologetics Podcast is meant to be apologetics in conversational form. You may not always have time (and focus) to sit and listen to lectures, but two gals chatting over coffee and skype about apologetics topics? Sure! That’s like sitting and listening to a show while you multitask your way through the day! (And who is better at multitasking than moms?) To subscribe to the Mama Bear Apologetics Podcast, go to

Audio Apologetics Blog

The Audio Apologetics Blog is exactly what it sounds like. We take our favorite apologetics blogs from the web, and read them for ya. And at the end, I like to leave a few take-aways, tips, summaries, or explanations of unfamiliar vocabulary. It’s a perfect resource for those who would love to read all those fabulous blogs, but meh… you’re just not a reader. To subscribe to the Audio Apologetics Blog, go to

We have  (I believe) one week where we will be on the “New and Featured” list on iTunes. We’d sure appreciate your help getting the word out to all the current and future Mama Bears!

Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Hillary Morgan Ferrer is the founder of Mama Bear Apologetics, and has been married to her husband, Dr. John D. Ferrer, for over 10 years. She is working on her second master’s degree, and yet can’t seem to figure out the simplest cooking recipes.

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