The hardest conversations to have often aren’t with strangers, but with our own family, especially when it comes to hot-button issues like a woman’s right to an elective abortion. In this podcast, mama bear Jennifer DeFrates chats with host Amy Davison on how to speak with truth and grace on the subject of abortion rights. Here, Jennifer shares her own background going from pro-choice to pro-life. She and Amy then engage challenges like if abortion has a psychological fall-out, whether overturning Roe violates the autonomy of women, and more. With each challenge Jennifer provides questions to ask to help nurture thoughtful engagement to pro-choice views as well as resources for further study.

Given the nature of this topic, this podcast is best suited teens and adults.

Main Points Covered

  • Be mindful of where you are having the conversation.
  • Be conversational and kind. Don’t just look for ways to “get them”.
  • Questions to ask with
    • Ask: Why is abortion important to you?
    • Ask: What do you mean by pro-choice? What does that mean?
    • Ask: How do you define a baby in the womb?
    • Ask: Do you have an absolute right to do whatever you want with your own body? Laws prohibit many other things you can do with your body.
    • Ask: Would it be ok, if we discovered there was a gay gene, to abort for that reason? This can help expose idealogical inconsistencies
  • Should men have a say in the abortion topic?

People and Resources Mentioned

Unfamiliar Vocabulary

  • Famous Violinist Argument: Judith Thomas argues there are limits on the right to life, which does not include the right to use another person’s body. One does not violate a babies right to life but merely deprives him/her of something – the use of someone else’s body.
  • SLED: Size. Level of Development. Environment. Degree of Dependency.

Quotable Quotes

“If you love them, you will have the hard conversation.” – Jennifer DeFrates

“Abortion feels like it undoes the damage [of rape or incest] but it doesn’t” – Jennifer DeFrates

“If its parent’s are human, it’s human. And humans have the right to life. – Jennifer DeFrates

“Leave them thinking, not fuming.” – Jennifer DeFrates

“I want to put a stone in his shoe. All I want to do is give him something worth thinking about. I want him to hobble away on a nugget of truth he can’t simply ignore because it continues to poke at him.” – Greg Koukl

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