In this impromptu podcast, Hillary and Amy wished the Mama Bears a Happy New Year and a challenge: to focus on discipling the home in spiritual faithfulness.

In the past 5 years a focused attack has been waged on societal unity and the sanctity of the home. Secular culture has focused on vilifying the christian faith, tearing apart the home, and evangelizing our children to a secular worldview. While everyone is focusing on the upcoming election, we at Mama Bear encourage our listeners to focus on strengthening the home front. To help you bring p your children to be warriors in the faith, we encourage to you trim away what doesn’t matter eternally. This is perhaps why new years resolutions fail. They focus on adding something to your plate without first taking something away. So mama’s, what’s taking
up your time? Sports? Social media? Letting coco melon babysit your kindergartner? Whatever it is, take that time to refocus on the foundations of the faith.

We here at Mama Bear will help equip you through more podcasts to help you as we journey through 2024. Fair warning, some of them might look different than normal because hillary’s health and newborn naps have little regard for recording schedules. This means that some of these podcasts will look more like conversations with the friend you ran into in the cereal aisle. Fun, biblically rooted, and possibly wear a drool-stained sweatshirt. Cuz mama bear life y’all.

We look forward to this year with you!

Main Points Covered

  • What to expect in the coming year.
  • What does it mean to infuse courage?
  • How can we stabilize our family in uncertain times?
    • Help our kids see the world for what it is

    • Ask “how is this altering or shaping your world view?”

  • What things should we consider giving up to prioritize training our kids?
    • What is stealing away your time?

People and Resources Mentioned

Unfamiliar Vocabulary

  • Biblical Encouragement: Rather than simple platitudes, a commitment to encourage each other that we will not change our course of action, despite what the world throws at us.

Quotable Quotes

“Unfortunately, we have allowed the world at times to have more of a discipleship presence in our kids lives than we do.”  – Amy Davison

“If we have children who are more focused on getting worldly followers than being a follower of Christ, then they are going to succumb to the challenges of this world.” – Amy Davison

“The [world’s] question is no longer “is Christianity true?”, the question is “is it good?” – Hillary Morgan-Ferrer

“This new generation is going to go on a change society. That is why our culture is evangelizing our children with a secular world view. – Amy Davison

“It’s in that silence, it’s in that lack of entertainment that you can actually start hearing the way God has created you.” – Hillary Morgan-Ferrer

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