Merry Christmas! In honor of Advent, Mama Bear wanted to help you keep Christ the focus of the season by taking you through the theology of your favorite Christmas Carols. The theme of the first Sunday of Advent is “hope,” and one carol that encapsulates hope is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” This 18th century carol contains seven verses each describing a different title or attribute of Christ. These seven verses were originally sung during evening prayers (called “the vespers”) in the week leading up to Christmas and contain a beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness and provision.

Beginning in the first verse, we see how our justification and sanctification can only come through Christ. As the carol progresses the writer blends aspects of God’s nature from Genesis to Revelation, demonstrating God’s sovereignty over His creation. The carol concludes with the promise of future deliverance found in the second coming of Christ. This beautiful reminder reminds listeners everywhere not to fear daily trials because our ultimate hope is in Christ.


Main Points Covered

  • A History of the Carol
  • The meaning of the verses
  • How to use these carols as a discipleship tool during the Advent season.

People and Resources Mentioned

  • Psalm 48:7-8
  • Psalm 49:15
  • Mark 10:45
  • Romans 5:9
  • Psalm 25:4-5
  • Psalm 23
  • Isaiah 11:1-2
  • Revelations 3:7
  • Isaiah 22:22
  • Hebrews 11:13
  • Isaiah 11:6-10
  • Revelations 15:3
  • 1 Samuel 8:1

Unfamiliar Vocabulary

  • Emmanuel – God with us

  • Adonai – God as ruler and sovereign

  • Rod of Jesse: God as our Defender

  • Key of David: Christ is the only way to heaven

  • Bright and Morning Star: Christ will return and rescue us from darkness

  • King of Nations: Christ will bring eternal peace when He returns


Quotable Quotes

“We needed a Savior. We needed Emmanuel to come to us and He did. He came in the form of baby in a stable.” – Amy Davison

“If you’re a believer in Christ, you’re basically a cultural exile in today’s culture. We are still calling out for Emmanuel to come—that second coming of Christ” – Amy Davison

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