On this episode, we ROAR through the topic of ghosts. What are they? What are the common misconceptions around ghosts and the supernatural? What does the bible say about ghosts and how are Christians supposed to engage this topic?


Main Points Covered

  • How does the world see ghosts?
  • What is a ghost truly?
  • How are we to interact with the truth and lies around “ghosts”?
  • How can we navigate elements of the spiritual realm with our kids?

People and resources mentioned

Unfamiliar Vocabulary

  • Paranormal: Supernatural phenomena that exist beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.
  • Ghost: Commonly believed to be a disembodied human spirit that can be anchored to an individual, place, or object. A biblical understanding of “ghosts” is that they are, in most cases, a demonic presence.
  • EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices
  • Residual energy: A “spiritual GIF” an energy that replays the same action over and over again.
  • Medium: A person reputedly able to make contact with the world of spirits, especially while in a state of trance.
  • Demonic Oppression: When the presence and power of a demon influence the body and mind of a person.
  • Occult: In the broadest sense, it is a category of supernatural beliefs and practices that encourage the interaction with demonic spirits and forces.
  • Necromancy: The supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future.
  • Dia De Los Muertos: A Hispanic celebration of the life of lost loved ones which traditionally has elements of practicing necromancy.

Quotable Quotes

“An entity that is not affirming, submitting, or promoting the truth of God, is not angelic. It is demonic.” – Amy Davison

“When someone passes, be honest with your child about death but also point back to the beauty and the hope that is within Christ. Because there is immense hope in Christ, beyond the grave.” – Amy Davison

“Talk to [your kids] about ghosts. What do you know about ghosts? What have you heard about them? What is interesting to you about ghosts? What questions do you have about it? And then explore those questions with them.” – Amy Davison

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