Amy is joined by author and mom of six Molly DeFrank to discuss her book, Digital Detox. As you listen, be open to the Holy Spirit’s conviction regarding this issue.

Main Points Covered:

  • How Molly got interested in screen time effects
    • We’re really the first generation of parents wading through this issue
  • We need balance when we navigate technology use
    • What works for your family may not work for a different family
    • Avoid overcorrecting one direction or the other
  • Sort and sift through technology to find what is good and what isn’t good for you and your kids (similar to chew and spit!)
  • Take a two-week time out.
    • Only keep what serves you
    • Reawaken a love of real life
    • Electronic Screen Syndrome
    • Kids have been taken to ER and put on suicide watch because their parents took away their technology
  • It’s not all doom and gloom.
    • We read in Scripture that God appointed the time and place we would live.
    • We don’t need to feel anxious about this.
    • There are good uses of technology.
  • Digital Detox will look different for young kids versus older kids
    • The bedrock of all of this is relationship.
  • Culture tells us that parents aren’t in control of our kids, but Scripture tells us that we are the original influencers of our kids.
    • Home should be a haven.
  • Teens will pick up on hypocrisy. Go through this detox with them.
  • What can families do after the 14-day detox is up?
    • Put technology in its right place
      • Time and location
    • Stop giving young children phones
    • Molly offers help for parents on her website, too.

Resources Mentioned:
Digital Detox by Molly DeFrank (Bethany House, 2022) 

The Social Dilemma (film) (2020)
Wall-E (film) (2008)
“Eating Disorders Surged Among Adolescents in Pandemic” (Wall Street Journal)
Screen-addicted Teens are Unhappy (study from San Diego State University, 2018)

Unfamiliar Vocab:
Electronic Screen Syndrome

Scripture References:
Acts 17:26-27

Quotable Quotes:
“I was over being treated like a vending machine of electronics.” Molly DeFrank

“We have this rock that we haven’t looked under of our digital use. It’s time to pull up the rock and check out the bugs that are wiggling underneath it.” Molly DeFrank

“God put you in charge of your kids. You are the shepherd of your kids.” Molly DeFrank

“We are cultivating a need for constant entertainment and stimulation. No wonder they’re having meltdowns.” Amy Davison

“There is beauty in boredom because it’s in boredom where you get creative.” Amy Davison

“Parents, don’t be afraid to be parents.” Amy Davison

“Mentorship is more powerful than our rules.” Molly DeFrank

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