Hello, Mama Bears! On this episode, we are ROAR’ing through the latest He Gets Us commercial that aired during the Super Bowl at the beginning of this year. We want to carefully examine what the message is and what it isn’t. Our hope is to highlight the importance of sifting through the media we consume, even media that appears wholesome or biblical on the surface. We want to hold the message of the He Gets Us commercial against Scripture to examine where it does or doesn’t align with what the Bible teaches.

We will walk through each step of our ROAR method to discern what the appropriate steps are for engaging with that message and how to disciple our children accordingly. We’re here to empower each other to raise discerning, wise, and loving families. So, let’s sharpen our ability to recognize truth under the veneer of messages that surround us and pass on this legacy of wisdom to our little ones.

Main Points Covered

  • What is the He Gets Us campaign?
  • The 4 issues we see with the message of the He Gets Us Super Bowl commercial
  • How to discern the the false and true messaging in the commercial
  • How shepherd your children in media consumption

People and Resources Mentioned

Thanks to Our Sponsors

This episode is made possible in part by the support of Summit Ministries. Our hope, like yours, is that your children will grow up to develop an unshakeable faith, to be followers of Jesus Christ and live out His call on their lives in a way that brings God’s glory and flourishing. That’s one of the reasons we love Summit. Summit takes biblical worldview training and makes it seriously fun. If you have a child between the ages of sixteen to twenty-two, send them to a two week conference in Colorado or Georgia this summer. Register today at Save $200 when you use the code ROAR24.

Quotable Quotes

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