Wow! We are so honored that we have gotten so many facebook messages regarding Mama Bear Apologetics that I had to put SOMETHING up!

We are working with a web guru to get the kinks out of the site, but we will make a big hullabaloo when we are officially live. In the meantime, we encourage women to get involved with the facebook group “The Apologist Mom” and tell them Mama Bear sent you!

As a few stats to take on your way, did you know that the average age that children begin having doubts about their faith has dropped from the late teens down to middle school?!?! And guess who they go to first: Mom. Questions about faith are good. Unanswered questions fertilize the soil of doubt, and when doubt grows into full-blown unbelief, the damage is harder to reverse. If apologetics isn’t your “cup of tea”, join us anyways. Rise up ladies. Rise up Mama Bears! This might not affect your faith, but it might affect your children’s.

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