What are people saying about Mama Bear?

Hillary Morgan Ferrer has assembled a remarkable team with Mama Bear Apologetics. Mama Bear gives voice to female apologists, an often-neglected group in the apologetics community. There has been a need for this ministry for a long time! The conversational tone of their podcast and practical applications in the blog are grounded in first-class apologetics, making this an indispensable ministry for moms raising thoughtful children in a secular world. I can’t recommend them enough.”

– Sean McDowell, Ph.D., Father of 3, blogger, speaker and coauthor of Evidence that Demands a Verdict,
Professor of Christian Apologetics, Biola University

“Hillary Morgan Ferrer and her very clever teaching and writing work called “Mama Bear Apologetics” is one of the most delightful and helpful ministries I’ve seen in a long time. Hillary nails it on three counts: 1) she is deeply informed about whatever she speaks to, 2) her communication is clear and accurate, 3) her writing and speaking is very accessible even to people just starting out in apologetics. Not surprisingly, she has been one of our top graduate students at Biola University and my faculty colleagues and I identified her early as someone who is really going to make an impact–and we were right. Given her energy, passion, love for her audience, and love for her subject matter, Hillary is clearly someone in whom to invest.”

– Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D., Founder and Director of the Graduate Program in Apologetics, Biola University,
Author of Five Sacred Crossings

“At a time in which young Christians are leaving the Church at alarming rates, ministries like Mama Bear Apologetics are increasingly important. Mama Bear has been equipping parents to help their kids understand what Christianity teaches as well as why Christianity is true.”

– J. Warner Wallace, Cold-Case Detective, Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, Adjunct Professor of Apologetics at Biola, and Author of Cold-Case Christianity, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith

“I LOVE Mama Bear Apologetics. At a time when most ministries to women are focused on general life encouragement, Mama Bear Apologetics brings a much needed laser focus on equipping moms to raise their kids with a steadfast faith. Their blog posts and podcasts are rock solid and address relevant issues in an easy to understand way. I can’t recommend what they’re doing highly enough!”

– Natasha Crain, Mother of 3, blogger, speaker and author of Talking with Your Kids about God and Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side

“I enthusiastically endorse and support Mama Bear Apologetics. This excellent Christian educational and apologetics organization dynamically teaches mothers how to nurture their children’s minds in order to thrive in the marketplace of ideas. One of the Mama Bears Hillary Morgan Ferrer was a student of mine at Biola University, and she was one of the best logic students I’ve ever had in over 25 years of teaching.”

Kenneth Samples, Ph.D., Senior Research Scholar, Reasons to Believe

“These women are seriously qualified, but they’re also welcoming and accessible. Their tone and confidence invite mothers to be bold, and their content and resources equip mothers to be informed. The Mama Bear Apologetics team’s high esteem and value of women shines through their podcasts and articles in a way that Christian mom’s deserve to be spoken to. I’m excited to see a wave of critically thinking, well-equipped, thoughtfully emboldened, faithful women building steadily behind Mama Bear Apologetics’ efforts in a way that will positively impact the next generation of believers for Christ. Our ailing culture would like to claim our kids’ minds, but these bright women are preparing us to demolish those attempts with truth.”

– Danielle Camorlinga, Mother of 2, Cofounder Picture Book Apologetics

“Hillary Ferrer and her team of Mama Bears do a wonderful job of presenting material to an otherwise unreached target market in the apologetics world: busy moms. By offering flexible and accessible content, Mama Bear Apologetics equips mothers to nurture and protect the faith of their children.”

Kurt Jaros, Father of 2, Executive Director of Defenders Media & Host of the Veracity Hill podcast

“Ministries like Mama Bear Apologetics are vital for ensuring that Christian mothers are equipped to help keep Christianity as an intellectual viable option for their kids as they grow up. There’s a war at our door, and as in all wars, moms have a vital role to play. I’m glad Mama Bear Apologetics ministry is there to empower them.”

– Blake Giunta, Founder www.beliefmap.org

“It has become plainly evident that the future of the church resides in our young children. If we don’t do what Mama Bear Apologetics has set out to do, we will lose another generation. Bearing a good witness by our behavior is not enough. We need to impart the reasons for our faith and expose the toxic memes that seek to undermine the orthodox Christian beliefs.
Mama Bear Apologetics has solved two important issues: They present excellent material to help parents learn and teach their children the important issues that will strengthen their faith and witness; and, they demonstrate how important women are to this task in the church and the world. They are top notch apologists ready to make the case for Christ clear and compelling.”

– Ray Ciervo, father of 3, grandfather of 9, great-grandfather of 4, Founder of No Pat Answers Ministry