This Is Why We ROAR Like a Mother

From  Chapter 3 of Mama Bear Apologetics  (p. 54):

“We here at Mama Bear Apologetics use the ROAR method. ROAR is an acronym for:

    • Recognize the message
    • Offer discernment (affirm the good and reject the bad)
    • Argue for a healthier approach
    • Reinforce through discussion, discipleship, and prayer

We are in a culture war, and unfortunately, a lot of people are talking past each other. Why? Because neither side will recognize the good that their opponent is offering! The ROAR method is intended to identify a message and analyze its ideas with grace and truth. Doing this requires identifying the good intentions, separating them from the bad ideas, synthesizing a healthier approach, and strategically praying through the battle of ideas.”

Why “Mama Bear”?

A Mama Bear has two primary instincts: nurturing and protecting.  Women are amazing at giving their children love and physical protection. However, when it comes to the battle of ideas, it is assumed that merely being raised in a Christian environment will ensure their children’s spiritual well-being. But did you know that research shows that being raised in a Sunday School environment is actually correlated with a less Biblical worldview?! (See study)

According to Barna and USA today, nearly 59% of youth leave the church after they graduate, and only 17% maintain a Biblical worldview. According to a Lifeway survey, the most common reasons for leaving the church are moving to college, church members seeming judgmental and/or hypocritical, and no longer feeling connected to the people in their church.

Questions are scary. What if we don’t know the answer? Will our child think less of of us? This is where we as ladies need to rally together, overcome our fears, and start equipping ourselves to answer the questions that our children will inevitably ask, and teach them how to “demolish arguments raised against the knowledge of God” (2 Cor 10:5) .

Rise up ladies. Rise up Mama Bears. The battle of ideas is real, and it is not taking prisoners.

Why Apologetics?

You have trained your children in the Christian faith. They know scripture, they know that Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross paid for their sins. They may have even had some profound experiences. They should be safe, right?

So what will they say when someone makes claims and provides “evidence” that Jesus never existed? The the resurrection never happened?  That the Bible is full of errors? Suddenly “because my mom, dad, or youth pastor said so” doesn’t cut it. Even as early as middle school, kids have access to other voices that seek to undermine everything you and other spiritual authorities might claim. If your child has questions or doubt, that’s a good thing! Your child’s questions demonstrate that they are forming their own faith, and not just relying on yours!  They look to us to discover if there are answers to the tough questions. Good news! There are! But in case it feels overwhelming, just remember: we don’t need to know all the answers; we just need to know where to find the answers.

Apologetics isn’t for arguers. It is for you. The issues may be settled in your own mind, but your children are still forming their beliefs about what is true and what is false. God has no grandchildren. You cannot pass your relationship on to them. They need to genuinely meet Him and place their faith in Him themselves. Christianity is increasingly under attack, and your children need to be able to defend their faith against those who would try to undermine it. Apologetics might not affect your faith, but it will most likely affect your children’s. Apologetics is for mothers of physical children. It is for mothers of adopted children. It is for mothers (like me, Hillary) of spiritual children.  Rise up ladies.