Hey everyone! The latest Mama Bear podcast (Episode 28) encourages you to check out a recent blog post by Michael J. Kruger: “The Power of De-Conversion Stories: How Jen Hatmaker is Trying to Change Minds About the Bible.”

There seems to be a trend among those who no longer consider themselves traditional, evangelical Christians; Kruger suggests many of them have followed the same basic steps in what he calls the “de-conversion playbook.”

To read the original article, go to https://www.michaeljkruger.com/the-power-of-de-conversion-stories-how-jen-hatmaker-is-trying-to-change-minds-about-the-bible/.

The details may differ, but the de-conversion process involves the same basic steps. Click To Tweet

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Peter Enns’ interview with Jen Hatmaker: http://thebiblefornormalpeople.podbean.com/e/episode-34-jen-hatmaker/.


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