In this episode, Hillary and Amy address four different types of love in-depth — Agape (unconditional, self-sacrificial love), Storge (familial love), Phileo (strong friendship love), and Eros (sexual attraction). They stress how each type of love is different from the other and should not be confused. Hillary and Amy also discuss how today’s culture is and has been attempting to reinterpret these types of love, often leading to misunderstandings, especially around romantic love. These misunderstandings can lead to confusion in our kids and cause them to have doubts about who they are based on feelings they may have for others. That is why the hosts express how important the ability to differentiate these types of love is. Hillary and Amy conclude the episode by suggesting resources to help illustrate these concepts to children for better comprehension.


Main Points Covered

  • What are the Four types of Love?
    • Agape
    • Storge
    • Phileo
    • Eros
  • What is the danger to our kids if they don’t understand the difference?
  • Where we see a misunderstanding or intentional twisting of these different types of love in our culture.
  • Good examples of the four types of love.

People and Resources Mentioned

Unfamiliar Vocabulary

  • Agape Love: An unconditional, self-sacrificial love. It is the love of God that we see through the cross of Jesus Christ.
  • Storge Love: Familial love. Storge is the natural love that family members have for one another.
  • Phileo Love: Friendly Love. It is the love we have for our friends, especially close friends.
  • Eros Love: Physical love or sexual desire. Eros is the type of love that involves passion, lust, and/or romance.

Quotable Quotes

“All of a sudden they start taking on these I am statements. I am a lesbian, I am bisexual. Because they didn’t know how to differentiate and they need to know.” Hillary Morgan Frerrer

“When we’re encouraging our children to be loving, to be patient, to be self-sacrificial, I mean, those are hard things to do, and it’s only through the power of Christ that you’re able to do those things. But when you can see them do it, you get chills.” – Amy Davison

“We’re losing this beauty simply due to the loss of the range within language, which is why, going back to the original Greek words with your kids, is actually a really good idea and really easy to implement with your kids, so that way they can help differentiate right relationships.” – Amy Davison

“They’re not gonna come out and ask their mom, how do I know if I’m in love with my best friend? It’s not going to occur to them. It’s just something that they will ruminate on and they may Google. And so if we don’t preempt this to begin with, they are going to start going to all sorts of different places for information and all the places on the internet for information are going to affirm yes.” Hillary Morgan Frerrer


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