In this episode, Amy talks with Stacy Manning about relational discipleship and raising kids to be warriors of the faith. .

Main Points Covered:

  • Homeschooling isn’t possible for everyone
  • Helping kids spot worldviews is essential
  • Indoctrination is toxic when questions can’t be asked or thoughts challenged. Indoctrination isn’t brainwashing.
  • Practice the No flinch rule
  • Attack ideas, not people.
  • Tips for parents of primary/elementary aged kids
    • Talk to your children’s teachers about what they are teaching your kids, especially in the humanities
  • Tips for middle-schoolers
    • Watch out for technology!
  • Tips for high-schoolers
    • Stay engaged!

Resources Mentioned:
Them Before Us
Young Heretics Podcast – We had not vetted resources prior to airing the podcast. We do not recommend this resource.
PragerU podcast
“Defending Young Minds” (Mama Bear episode 75)
“Digital Detox” (Mama Bear episode 74)
Mama Bear Apologetics (book)
Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality

Quotable Quotes:
“You don’t have to homeschool to raise warriors in the faith.” – Amy Davison

“You can’t manufacture quality time.” – Stacy Manning

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