Mama Bear Board member Teasi Cannon joins Amy to talk about questions parents should ask their kids’ school, particularly in private schools and homeschooling co-ops.

Main Points Covered:
Why parents should ask schools questions

  • Question 1: Are teachers trained theologically?
  • Question 2: Do they teach from a Christian worldview and teaching what a worldview is?
  • Question 3: How does the administration handle secondary doctrines?
  • Question 4: How does the school handle the age of the earth?
  • Question 5: Has Christian history been whitewashed or are errors acknowledged?
  • Question 6: What does the school do to keep the gospel from becoming white noise?

Resources Mentioned:
Mama Bear Apologetics (book)

Mama Bear Apologetics Guide to Sexuality

Unfamiliar Vocab:
Secondary doctrines

 Quotable Quotes:
“Don’t panic about what your kids are learning, but be informed.” – Teasi Cannon
“We should be addressing these issues at home with our kids, but we should also address them with their schools.” – Teasi Cannon
“The goal is to always keep the door open when discussing secondary issues.” – Amy Davison
“Educators should teach children how to think, not necessarily what to think on all levels.” – Teasi Cannon
“We’re still broken vessels striving after a Savior.” – Amy Davison
“The gospel is good news every morning.” – Teasi Cannon

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