Mama Bear Apologetics is blessed to have been a part of your lives in 2019. What a year! In addition to our podcasts and blog/social media posts this year, we just celebrated the six-month anniversary of publishing our first Mama Bear book and, thanks to you, the response to it has been overwhelming. We’ve sold more than 21,000 copies! We have moms who have never heard of apologetics telling us that they cannot wait to implement the ideas in the book with their kids. There are Mama Bear groups popping up all over the world, and we were just notified that it will be translated in Korean and used to train the parents at all the Association of Christian Schools International in South Korea! (We definitely didn’t see that coming!) Did you know that the Mama Bear book has equipped over 21,000 parents and is being translated into Korean? #mamabear #apologetics Click To Tweet

Here are some of the ways God has moved using our book:

    • “My daughter is adopted. Recently it came up that sometimes when she is angry with me that she thinks, “You’re not my real mom.” I was able to talk to her about those feelings but also analyze the truths and falsehoods. Truth: I am not her biological mom. Falsehood: If I were her biological mom, I would never be angry or punish her…. I was really struggling with how to respond to her [need for] validation… [and] also help her separate her feelings from the truth. It was like God used the book to help me show her a very real example of how to use our brains to analyze our feelings and examine them in relation to God’s truths.” – Jennifer D.
    • “I’m loving the ROAR acronym. And specifically, the ‘chew and spit.’ I am a very black-and-white person, so historically I have been prone to categorizing things as good/safe and evil/dangerous. I’m learning that isn’t always accurate and that that kind of thinking and speaking can push people away, even my children. I love the idea of teaching them to discern not only the bad but the good in everything – what to take and what to leave. I had to use that in my recent experience with confronting our youth pastor on a couple of concerns. It helped me to come in there with more understanding and grace as a mama bear than just tearing [into him]. And I was able to come out with better understanding and reassurance than I would have had if I was closed off from the beginning because I had already labeled him and all the areas of concerns in the black category.” – Chris H.
    • “It reaffirmed my belief to start this while my son is young; not when he hits jr. high. Thank you so much for your work on this subject. It is so important that we arm our children in this crazy world and this book helps us all do that!! Thank you.” – Lindsay H.

It is exciting when people send us emails like these! If you want to share how the book has impacted you, we’d love to hear from you! And, if the book has positively impacted you or your family, please consider reviewing the book on Amazon and Goodreads so that more parents will have access to it. If you want to purchase a copy of the book for yourself or a friend, you can buy it here.

Goals as we move forward in 2020…

We are passionate about what we do because our culture tells our kids that they can believe whatever they want, as long as they don’t think it’s actually true. (Because, you know, “truth” implies that false ideas should be rejected…) We are so proud to be a part of a movement of parents and grandparents who are willing to tell their cubs, “Nope. We believe the truth, and here’s why.”

We desperately want to expand our resources and our reach next year by continuing to provide content that is relevant, useful, and easy to understand, but we can’t do it without the support of our mama bears, papa bears, and grandmama and grandpapa bears!We can't grow without your support! Click To Tweet

It is often hard to explain to people that what we are doing is a missionary calling, just adapted for the 21st century–ministering to people via email, our website, Skype, and social media. Many people incorrectly assume that we already have funding with the content we have been providing, but that’s not the case. And we can’t keep going at the pace we have been going and try to grow if we rely solely on volunteers. With your financial assistance, in 2020 we would like to develop a study guide for the Mama Bear Apologetics book (potentially with videos!), increase the number of monthly podcasts, plan another Mama Bear book, prepare new presentations, speak at women’s conferences (watch our social media pages for dates and locations!), and bring on additional team members who can devote themselves to the workload. The workload is too much for a single leader and a team of volunteers.

Would you consider partnering with us in this ministry? We have two ways you can give financially – becoming a (non-tax deductible) Patreon patron or a tax-deductible supporter. Please prayerfully consider either and come alongside us as we take the time to provide information-rich, yet accessible content for moms, grandparents, and papa bears alike!

Prayers for 2020

Finally, whether or not you can financially support our ministry, we still humbly ask for your prayers. Although we know we are called by God to do this work, it is clear that the enemy does not appreciate our endeavors, and he lets us know regularly through his many schemes. Would you please specifically pray for:

    1. Protection for our team
    2. Wisdom to know what kind of material to produce
    3. Both provision and Godly stewardship of resources for the ministry, and
    4. Greater reach, to help parents and grandparents equip their kids to respond to culture with grace and truth.

We pray for you all often, that God will raise up a generation of mama bears and papa bears who can demolish ideas while still fiercely loving people. We pray not just blessings upon you, but faithfulness in the New Year! Because…

We are all in this together.



Hillary Ferrer and the Mama Bear Team



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