Train yourself. Equip your kids.

Learn how to raise kids who think critically, love biblically, and stand firm against the cultural tide.


We are women gathered from diverse backgrounds unified by the common desire to engage in conversations related to the defense of our Christian faith in a way that reflects grace and truth. We desire to show the existence and character of God, not only with our lips but in our lives.


Discern truth from lies.


Train yourself. Prepare your kids.


Interact with the world.

Are you ready to answer the rallying cry?

“Mess with our kids and we will demolish your arguments” Join the Mama Bears and raise your voice to protect your kids—by teaching them how to think through and address the issues head-on, yet with gentleness and respect.

New Book Coming in October!

Confidently raise your children to see sexuality and gender identity through a biblical lens! In this follow-up to Mama Bear Apologetics, the Guide to Sexuality helps parents to:

– understand how God’s design reveals his nature;

– identify the truth and lies in today’s world; and

– teach kids to be compassionate toward those with different beliefs – without compromising their own values.

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Matthew West and the Modesty Debate

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MBA Episode 61: Finding Joy in Suffering

MBA Episode 61: Finding Joy in Suffering

We started a new podcast series a couple of weeks ago called, “Fostering Joy in 2021.” (You can listen to or watch the first episode, “The Role of Gratitude,” here.) In this episode, we’re focusing on finding joy in suffering. We’ll dispel some myths and dive into...