The Lord says we have not because we ask not…

so we’re just putting this out there.

Practical Needs

Rebekah and I are both very excited about Mama Bear, but it has been quite an undertaking to get the website up, and learn how to podcast. So if there is anyone out there who has any expertise in the following, it would be most welcome:

1) Podcast note creation – being in school and having a job makes it difficult to do both the prep-work and the post-production for each of these podcasts. If you have a background in apologetics and would like to contribute to Mama Bear by creating the podcast notes from the recordings, please contact us at

2) WordPress customization – the website is very basic, and there several things I would love to do with it, but I do not have the expertise. I would love to have someone to whom I could delegate this aspect of the ministry.

3) Marketing/Promotions – If you love what Mama Bear is doing and have a background in marketing/promotions (and particularly social media) and would like to contribute your time and expertise, we will happily accept your offer!

Financial Needs

Rebekah and I are both provided in our personal lives, but what we are short on is time – and there are a lot of time-suckers in maintaining a website. We cannot get content (blogs and podcasts) up as quickly as we would like because of the sheer amount of time it takes to format, edit, upload, and promote each new item. (This takes a lot more time than you would think, especially for podcasts.) It would be a dream come true to outsource the technical aspects of the website to a qualified individual so that we can focus on providing relevant and timely content for women struggling to address tough questions with their kids.

The biggest blessing would be to have donors who could commit to any small amount on a monthly basis – 100 people giving $10 a month would allow us to outsource a lot of the web maintenance issues that eat up most of our time. If you would be willing to partner financially with Mama Bear, please visit our donate page for information on how you can give a one-time or monthly gift.

All donations are tax deductible, and are under the umbrella of Ratio Christi Ministries, an amazing 501c3 apologetics ministry aimed at providing answers to the tough questions on the college campus.


Prayer requests

— As Mama Bear grows, for the Lord to give us the personnel and financial resources to grow with it.

— More Mama Bears! We want this to be a collaborative effort by women who are passionate about moms being equipped in apologetics.

— Protection against spiritual attack that inevitably comes whenever you enter public ministry.

— For God to begin moving in women in apologetics – women who understand that intellectual attack that our kids are facing on a regular basis and who are willing to rise up, band together, and promote an intelligent Christian faith.

— Time and Focus – Rebekah is a full time mom and Hillary is a working, dual grad student. Pray that the Lord would continue to inspire us and strengthen us.

— Partners in ministry – please pray that the Lord would bring individuals into our lives that are passionate about moms and apologetics and who have skills that we don’t – specifically in web maintenance, app creation, administration, web conferencing, and audio/video production.

— Apologetics partner for me (Hillary) in Pella, IA. I left my apologetics friends and my ministry partner Rebekah back in Dallas. Please pray that God would provide for me another woman who shares my passion and wants to serve here, in our hometown, equipping women and moms.

The tough questions can feel scary when you're alone...
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